Travel to Hvar, Croatia

Hvar, a charming island in Croatia off the Dalmatian coast in the Adriatic Sea has quickly moved it’s way up to my favorite place in the world. Yes, you heard that right. This is my favorite place I have ever been for countless reasons, and because of that, I am very excited to tell you about this incredible island and the many reasons why you should add it to your Croatia itinerary.

Where to stay

There are many towns on the island of Hvar, but if you are only staying for a short period of time, we highly recommend staying near Hvar Town where you will find a bustling center filled with historic sights, plenty of seafood restaurants, the Port of Hvar and beaches galore. Many of the accommodations around here can be very expensive, but we found a gem right outside of the center of Hvar Town and steps away from the Sea, Hotel Pharia.

Mini Suite with a Sea View at Pharia Hotel

Hotel Pharia has many different room types available for whatever your needs are. We stayed in a mini suite and it was more than we could have asked for. As much as we loved exploring Hvar, it was very hard leaving our beautiful balcony with a stunning view of the Adriatic Sea.

Balcony in our suite at Pharia Hotel

Aside from the incredible room- there was also breakfast included. It is not cheap to dine out in Hvar, so it was great to have a very nice breakfast included daily. We made the best memories sipping coffee on the terrace each morning.

Breakfast on the terrace at Pharia Hotel

If you are looking for somewhere walkable from Hvar town, right off the sea, with beautiful rooms, Hotel Pharia is where you should stay. Book your stay here and take a peak through their Instagram here.

What to do

Sunbathe and swim in the Adriatic Sea

The best thing to do in Hvar is FREE. The island has countless places to sit on the sea to sunbathe on the pebble beaches and jump into the water for a swim. You can either find your own private area by walking the shoreline and setting up wherever looks best, or check out one of the islands many breathtaking beaches.

Pokonji Dol Beach

Some of our favorite beaches are:

  • Malo Zaraće
  • Pokonji Dol
  • Beach Mekicevica
Malo Zaraće Beach

Explore the historic Hvar Town

Between the Spanish Fortress, Fransiscan Montesary, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and simply getting lost within the tight streets of the old city, you will fall in love with Hvar town. While it is more crowded and pricey than other towns on the island, it has a special touch that is unique and majestic.

Port of Hvar with the Spanish Fortress above
Enjoying Croatian wine at Konoba Menego in Hvar Town
Hvar Town

Rent a car to visit other towns on the island

If you are looking for a day away to towns a little quieter than Hvar Town, we suggest renting a car. A few places to visit that we loved are:

  • Stari Grad- a charming city on the water, a smaller, less touristy version of Hvar Town
  • Jelsa- a stunning village known for it’s wine
  • Brusje- where you can find the famous lavender fields of the island
  • Malo Zaraće- one of the most picturesque beaches on the island
Stari Grad

Watch the sunset on the shore

Our favorite thing to do in Hvar was find a spot to watch the sunset each night. Hvar is great because you can step onto the shore at any point you find, gaining yourself a private view of the stunning sunset each night. We recommend running to the grocery store to bring snacks, a picnic dinner and/or drinks for your sunset viewing. Once the sun goes down you will have an amazing view of the stars in the uninterrupted sky.

Sunset location steps away from Hotel Pharia

Where to eat

While every meal in Hvar we had was incredible (you really can’t go wrong with fresh seafood), there were two restaurants that stuck out to us beyond the others.

Konoba Menego

We ate here the first night we were in Hvar and remained the best meal we had throughout our stay. We had the Dalmatian ham, bacon and cheese plate, marinated fish (sardines and shark), and the octopus salad (absolutely to die for). I dream about this meal.

Octopus salad at Konoba Menego


This restaurant is located on Beach Mekicevica. The only way to get here is a 20 minute walk from Beach Pokonji Doli. It is worth it. This was the best seafood pasta we had while on the island (and that says a lot because we had a lot of seafood pasta), and the tuna salad was to die for. This restaurant has a big reputation for a reason. With the perfect sea view right on the beach, and the freshest fish you’ll find, it made for a perfect mid-day meal.

Seafood pasta at Robinson

The magic of Hvar island can’t be written. It is a place of beauty, happiness, relaxation and so much more. To me, Hvar island is my heaven on earth, and I can’t wait to get back. Let us know if you’ve been or plan on going in the comments!

*This post is sponsored by Hotel Pharia but all opinions are my own*

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