Plan Your Next Trip With These Six Apps

Travel planning has become so much easier through the years with the help of apps at our fingertips, saving us so much time on research for our next destination. There are endless apps and websites out there for planning trips, so if you don’t know where to start, here are six of our favorites.

Let’s start with booking accommodations. This is our all time favorite app to book through wherever in the world we are traveling. They have the BEST deals and a great selection of hotels, hostels and apartments. The reviews are honest, thorough and easy to read. The app is very user friendly and we love having all our bookings in one place when we are backpacking for weeks at a time. Click here for $25 cash reward on your next stay with Booking.


Skyscanner is our go-to app when it comes to booking flights. We are crazy about finding the best flight deals for each trip we book and Skyscanner never fails to give us the best prices. It allows you to either search for a specific destination and date or explore deals from the city you are based in. This app has not let us down and if you haven’t checked it out, we highly recommend you do!


So we actually have two favorite flight booking apps. But they are different. Unlike Skyscanner where we are usually booking a flight for a trip already in mind, Jetto has the best flight deals you can browse through day to day. It will alert you when a new deal pops up from one of the departing cities of your choice because the deals do not last long. Unlike other apps and websites of the same sort, they have made it easy to click on the deal and book. Not only is this app amazing but it is created by our favorite travel podcaster, Travis Sherry from Extra Pack of Peanuts which makes it that much more awesome.



Onto our favorite app for reviews on just about everything. Whether you’re looking for food, accommodations or things to do, TripAdvisor has it all. We use this mainly for restaurant reviews when we travel. We are able to browse through breakfast, lunch or dinner to see photos, reviews, prices and more. This has been a game changer for our one stop spot for places to go and things to do when abroad.



Calling all hikers! Hiking is one of our favorite parts of traveling. AllTrails allows us to type in whatever city we are in and search for hikes in the area. The app sorts hikes by difficulty, length, location and rating. You can also view reviews, how to get there, weather, and a map. Whether you’re in Colorado or Thailand, this will help you find the best trails in the city you’re in to have the adventures of a lifetime.


If you are traveling to a country which speaks a different language– this app is a must! On Duolingo you can learn a language for FREE through different categories and levels in short lessons. No matter where we travel to, we try to do as many Duolingo lessons as possible beforehand and I will say, it helps, a LOT.  While certain countries we’ve traveled to I didn’t use it enough to carry a conversation with someone, but a little studying helped in reading menus, signs and asking basic questions. If you are addicted to any game on your phone, I bet you will love this too.


Let us know in the comments your favorite apps you use to plan your trips. We are always looking for new travel hacks and ways to make the most of our trips. Happy travel planning!

Emilie & Chris


Published by happilyaway

We are a married couple living in Chicago, and we are obsessed with traveling (probably like you). Unlike many travel bloggers, we have no intention on quitting our jobs and traveling full time because we actually love our jobs (shocker- I know) and we have a sweet puppy that we can't bear to leave for for than 3 weeks at a time. This hasn't stopped us from making all of our travel dreams come true. We are excited to share our adventures with you and help show you how you too, can travel the world- even while working full time. Emilie & Chris

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