Five Cities You Need to Visit

When we read travel blogs we love to hear of other travelers favorite places. Below are our top five favorite places we have been to (so far!). This was tough to narrow down to five, but these cities have our hearts.

(*In no particular order)


Galway feels like it should be a movie set. This small city on the west coast of Ireland is so easy to get lost in. The tight streets are full of pubs, shops and restaurants that are never-ending. We spent many nights cozy in a pub, listening to live music, meeting the nicest people. Right on the water, it has a beach town vibe and has stunning views with every turn you take. One of the best parts about it? It is a gateway city to the Cliffs of Moher which is one of the most incredible places we have ever seen!



Stepping into Old City Chiang Mai is like walking into a different world. Surrounded by a moat, there are different temples and gardens around every corner. With such affordable prices we were really able to spoil ourselves in this city. Our typical day looked like this: grabbing a banana smoothie, walking endlessly through gardens and temples, getting a massage, grabbing a beer, browsing through street markets, tasting all of the street food, getting another massage and doing it all again the next day. People here are relaxed. They are definitely doing something right. Chiang Mai is a happy place for us and we will be coming back.



Hanoi is another city in Southeast Asia but just about the opposite vibe of Chiang Mai. Simply crossing the streets of this bustling city was a daunting task at first. We were immediately interested in everything about the culture and learned so much while we were here. The food is unbelievable (and the egg-coffee). We ate so much here and we’re constantly craving some of the dishes we had regularly. We fell in love with Hanoi at first sight and could have stayed for months and never have gotten bored.



I’m a bit biased to Paris since I studied abroad here (and it’s the place I truly started traveling). But, in 2016 I was able to bring Chris for the first time and he too, immediately loved this city. There is something about the gothic architecture, sitting at cafes for hours on end, the language, history and charm that is second to none. We are in a constant state of bliss when we’re in Paris. It’s as simple as that.




We had to put Chicago on this list because as our home city, it will always have the most special place in our hearts. We are so lucky to live in such a vibrant, energetic, diverse, exciting, beautiful city. We plan to tell you all about what Chicago has to offer in future posts but I can assure you that if you haven’t been, it is worth the trip (especially in the summer)! A few of my favorite parts of this city are: the incredible food scene, the beaches, the unbeatable skyline and the gorgeous old neighborhoods. Living here makes it much easier to come home from our trips around the globe!



Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about these cities or want to share your thoughts on them as well! Thanks for reading.

Emilie & Chris


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We are a married couple living in Chicago, and we are obsessed with traveling (probably like you). Unlike many travel bloggers, we have no intention on quitting our jobs and traveling full time because we actually love our jobs (shocker- I know) and we have a sweet puppy that we can't bear to leave for for than 3 weeks at a time. This hasn't stopped us from making all of our travel dreams come true. We are excited to share our adventures with you and help show you how you too, can travel the world- even while working full time. Emilie & Chris

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